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Customer Service & Consolidated Billing

SBAM makes it easy to manage employee benefits.

Your administrative tasks are simplified when all of your SBAM-sponsored insurance programs are on one consolidated invoice, and you’re able to make addition and deletion changes on one form. We are the only business association that has the ability to put Dearborn National, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network on the same invoice – all for only $7.50 per month.

This fee helps to fund the cost of building and managing the products and services offered, the expertise required to get you the answers you need to both routine and complicated issues, and to help keep your plan compliant with state and federal rules and regulations  You also have access to our exclusive customer service teams at SBAM and TGG Solutions to help with any billing or claims questions.

Contact TGG Solutions at today and provide your email address to receive your BCBSM/BCN and Dearborn monthly invoices via email.  Also, submit an ACH form to sign up monthly electronic premium payments to ensure swift, accurate processing.

Customer Service

Insurance coverage can be complicated and there are bound to be questions along the way. Only SBAM members have access to an exclusive customer service department that can answer all your insurance-related questions.

It’s your experience with our expert partners that sets us apart from our competition and keeps you from going it alone. We know that many of our members don’t have a professional human resources or employee benefits staff to search the market and negotiate for the best plans. But SBAM does, and in conjunction with your independent insurance agent, we can help you deliver the HR and employee benefits experience of a much larger business.

Our team is just an email or phone call away to assist with Blues and Dearborn claims and billing, enrollment and terminations, ordering new ID cards and much more. And members enrolled in our Blues medical program receive a free Summary Plan Description that is required by ERISA.

Already enrolled in an existing Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network plan?  Simply submit a rollover letter to request SBAM sponsorship.  

Consolidated Invoice

SBAM works with many great organizations across Michigan to bring you the best products and services possible, including TGG Solutions.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, with offices in Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City, TGG Solutions is our third party administrator (TPA) and it’s their systems that open the door to consolidated invoicing and enrollment services that will make your life easier.

When you enroll in our sponsored health, dental, vision, life and disability programs, you automatically gain access to the consolidated invoicing, enrollment and customer service of TGG Solutions. When this happens, you will also be able to include the monthly cost of any additional services like COBRA, Section 125, FSA, HSA and/or HRA administration on one invoice.

One invoice, one payment, once a month.

And when you’re BCBSM or BCN health plan is sponsored through SBAM, you receive a free Summary Plan Description!

Electronic is Faster and Better!

SBAM’s BCBSM/BCN and Dearborn invoice and premiums can now be sent electronically!

In an effort to ensure your customer’s monthly premium information is received in a timely manner, invoices can be electronically delivered to your customer’s email.

Additionally, we are also encouraging your customers to consider TGG’s automatic clearing house (ACH) payment option. By choosing this option, the exact amount due will come out of your customer’s bank account on the due date and ensures that their payment is received and posted on time.

If your customer would like to receive invoices electronically and/or sign up with ACH, please have them send a request to or call 800.748.0368, select 5.

Already enrolled in an SBAM insurance plan?

If you’re already enrolled in an SBAM-sponsored Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan or Dearborn National plan, you can contact our team now with any questions you have regarding claims, billing or enrollment.

(800) 748-0368