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SBAM defends Michigan’s Right to Work law, calls on legislators to oppose repeal efforts

March 8, 2023

Small Business Association of Michigan President & CEO Brian Calley issued the following statement about legislation moving in the House of Representatives to repeal Michigan’s Right to Work law and reinstate Prevailing Wage.

“Efforts to repeal Right to Work and reinstate Prevailing Wage laws undermine our competitiveness. We need to focus on policies that will grow our economy, not hold it back. In a recent survey of our members, small business owners were clear: more than 74% of survey respondents oppose repealing Right to Work laws and 64% oppose reinstating Prevailing Wage laws in the state. Repealing Right to Work and reinstating Prevailing Wage simply goes against what is best for our state’s economy, small businesses, and job seekers. These decisions would be major steps backward for our state.” 

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