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Designed exclusively for the Leadership Council, Givitas is a communication platform that gives members the opportunity to work on relationship building by requesting for help or guidance as well as giving advice or help to your small business owner peers. Let’s lift each other up during these unprecedented times, we all need to stick together.

While Givitas is meant to communicate with your peers and your fellow leaders, there are some rules and guidelines to follow.

  1. Of course you want to sell your product or service, but this isn’t the platform for that!
  2. We all know you have your own political views and opinions, but let’s steer clear of sharing on our Givitas platform. We all have had our fix for a bit, am I right?
  3. Did you happen to stumble across an interesting article, posting, etc. that might help out a fellow LC member? Or did a fellow member do something great and deserves some recognition? You can still post it in the “Ask for Help” section.
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Do an Ahola Payroll Demo

Ahola’s comprehensive solution consolidates your payroll, HR, time and benefits enrollment.

Contact Chad Huson to get started. 

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Request an Energy Assessment

A free energy assessment will provide guidance on potential energy efficiency upgrades.

Contact Chad Huson and schedule yours today. 

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Watch & Share The Small Business Briefing

Tune in to The Small Business Briefing Mondays & Thursdays at 3pm ET and share the shows with your social network.

Watch on Zoom or Facebook Live.

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Connect with new SBAM members in your area when you agree to become an SBAM Ambassador.

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