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SBAM Leadership Council

Thank you for attending the LC Fall Summit on Mackinac Island!

Next Up: LC Winter Event February 27, 2024 in Lansing

Registration for the next event on February 27, 2024 will be opening soon. We will be at Heritage Hall, Michigan State Capitol in Lansing with a PAC Fundraiser Reception to follow.

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Resources to Leadership Council Members

During the LC Fall Summit, there was a session AI Guard Rails & Best Practices presented by Heather Isch, LKF Marketing, and Brian Wassom, Warner, Norcross + Judd. They referenced a Policy Template and would like to offer a $500 discount to LC Members. Please click the button below for further details from Warner, Norcross + Judd.

WNJ Offer to Leadership Council

Upcoming 2024 LC Events

LC Winter Event

  • February 27, 2024 | Heritage Hall – Lansing Capitol Visitor’s Center
  • Registration opening after the LC Fall Summit

LC Summer Reception

  • June 12, 2024 in Lansing, Location TBD
  • This reception takes place the night before the SBAM Annual Meeting on June 13, 2024

LC Fall Summit 

  • October 23-25, 2024 at Crystal Mountain

Leadership Council Winter Event Resources

February 28, 2023

ICYMI or are interested in reviewing the presentations from our speakers at the event, please check out the below information:

Leadership Council Challenges

Contribute to the SBAM Political Action Committee (PAC)

Interested in learning more about contributing to the PAC or become a reoccuring donor? Contact SBAM’s Kelli Saunders at for all the details.
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Recruit a New Member using the NEW Referral Link

The Referral Link can be found on our webpage:

Recruit a member!

Schedule a FREE Energy Assessment!

Interested in learning more about energy solutions for your business? Contact SBAM’s Chad Huson at for all the details.

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Cybersecurity Advertisement

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Take advantage of the RiskAssure Cyber Risk Scanning Tool. Visit to learn more.

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Employee Retention Recommendations

  • Retirement Plan
  • Raises
  • $1 per hour raise if you work the full week (no calling off sick)
  • “Appreciate Pay” vs Bonus Pay
  • Close Fridays at 4 instead of 5
  • Birth/Miscarriage Leave
  • Bring your dog to work
  • Be kind
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Set goals/expectations and standards to adhere to; then adhere to them!

  • Teach Leaders Interpersonal Skills
  • Buy everyone nerf guns and use them!
  • Write a personal annual note of thanks to each staff person
  • Have annual “stay” interviews with current staff
  • Quarterly or Bi-annual All Employee Open Mic Sessions
  • Formal wellness program
  • Establish personal & professional development plans with staff

  • Invest in employee development
  • Re-onboarding your team
  • Team Outing with cocktails
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Creative Benefits
  • Sign on bonus after 90 days of hire
  • Equity in the business
  • Talk about their future goals/dreams
  • Give them love!
  • All employee involvement in charity giving

  • Mental Health Days
  • Coffee Date with all employees one on one with President if possible
  • Employer Paid Wills
  • Wine Tasting
  • Build Culture:  Day of Service together in community
  • Thank them!
  • Empowerment
  • In person virtual flexibility
  • EAP