SBAM Energy Solutions

Helping Real Small Businesses Save Money

UTEC & Kimberly Lighting

How does SBAM Energy Solutions help real small businesses? Check out this great story from SBAM member UTEC, a supplier of office technology equipment. 

“We purchased our building two years ago,” said Kevin Van Kannel, UTEC president. “We’re SBAM members and appreciate all they do for Michigan business. A business owner we met through SBAM told us about the Energy Solutions Program.”

“Our building is 18 years old,” said Anne McMillian, Supply Engagement Manager at UTEC. “We updated it when we moved in two years ago, installing LED fixtures and motion sensors, but we realized the warehouse and exterior lighting was outdated and wasting energy. So we called Caile Richards at SBAM and asked him to help us with additional energy efficiency improvements.”

How SBAM Energy Solutions Works

The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is working with with Consumers Energy (CE) and DTE Energy (DTE) to provide enhanced energy services to small business across Michigan with the SBAM Energy Solutions program.

Members can speak with the energy team on any energy-related topic, including the following:
  • Account overview analysis (Are you paying the right rate?)
  • Availability of energy efficiency programs
  • Account management services
  • Assistance setting up an energy audit
  • Managing outage alerts
  • Billing & payment options such as eBill, customer select due date, and billing alerts
Both Consumers Energy and DTE Energy can help you use energy more efficiently throughout the year and provide you with money-saving rebates. Contact our SBAM Energy Solutions team today for details. 

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